Today’s Dating Scene


Dating. For some, it’s a great turnstile of meeting new people, possible sexual hook-ups, potential play-partners to actually having the opportunity for that one special encounter to line up magically, connecting the pheromone dots chemically, physically, emotionally and mentally. A true quad-fecta of potential: real love and commitment.

Today’s internet dating scene, which has once again changed the rules of engagement based on quick impressions, can also create perpetual FOMO and wondering if someone ever better, sexier, better in bed, more handsome, prettier, richer, smarter, more emotionally aware is out “there” waiting to be their next best date. Such is the case with our young anti-hero, Andrew, in Swipe Right, who loves hanging out in shallow emotional waters, sustaining his ego versus his emotions on the sheer numbers of “yes” women.

Internet dating can be also a nightmare turnstile, having to measure up, be judged if we’re good enough, combined with the fear of rejection triggering every nervous jitter there is. Something important to consider is, with people living longer and spouses dying and/or divorce rates higher than marriage, dating is the same whether we’re in our twenties, thirties, fifties, eighties. There’s excitement. There is anxiety. There are possibilities. There are crushed feelings and the eventual thickening skin through continual rejections.

Where ever you are in the relationship arena, whether you’re currently single, dating someone fun with possible potential or have been in a long committed connection, at the core of our society is desire for love, being loved and enjoying the ride.

Here’s to love in the fast-lane and making the most out of every encounter that arrives on your doorstep.

Corbin Schweitzer