The Matrix-Dating Game


Okay. You’re looking for Ms. Right, Mr. Right, yet all you’re finding is Ms. Right-Now, Mr. Swipe-left. You realize, it’s all up to you, right? Of course you can always be a cad, a player, a douche. A total slut. That’s totally up to you, but where does it get you other than extra apps to the docs for STD’s? Bottom line is what do you really want? Are you’re looking for quick gratification, like eating that chocolate cake when you need to lose 50lbs, or quick sex when underneath you’re longing for a sense of connection? Think about it. What is in your best interest, supports your journey?

So, let’s imagine for a second, playing the Matrix Dating game. If you take the Blue Pill you can stay on the immediate high, instant-gratification-matrix-spin of dating dozens going in a circle, our Andrew, or you can take the Red Pill, get clarity and amp your own vibes. Be specific in your long range desires. When you choose that direction, the Swipe Left’s in your life disappear and the Swipe Right to love and life appear.

Or you can be the cad on the wheel until you finally decide to jump off.

Your choice. Always.

Corbin Schweitzer