Swipe Right: Behind-the-Scenes


It was fascinating in lining up actors to play Arylin, Becca, Cassie, Diana and Andrew for Swipe Right, we discovered they each were in long-term relationships. Even our ninja waiter, just got married. Online dating is not part of their personal stories. Yet online dating is the first go-to in today’s dating pool, some with success, more with half-way nod, and a high number with “Oh no, hell no!” In the dating world where we meet people virtually and texting is the first round of communication, getting to a place of actually connecting in real-life can pose a challenge. Therein lies the dating conundrum.

Swipe Right was a great opportunity to showcase different personalities that appear in the dating world, going from the virtual to the actual. Arylin, classy, business-bitchy, confident. Becca with her natural, Disney-princess qualities and the belief in all things good. Cassy, Andrew’s dating mirror, on the perpetual swiping-right merry-go-round, addicted to the initial hook-up. And Diana, the independent yet open-to-possibilities girl who has the potential to actually engage Andrew in something more than initial conversation.

And possibilities and potential are why we dial into the dating game in the first place.

Corbin Schweitzer