One Shot Deal

SwipeRight-9586 (1).jpg

The writer and director of Swipe Right, Corbin Sanders, chose to film the movie in one take, essentially a “one shot deal” something not common in the industry. That one shot took eleven times. The restaurant was uncommonly quiet on the eleventh take, an electrical current alive in the air, the excitement palpable as camera man Jeremiah Kaynor, raced through the room, camera balanced on his shoulders. The audience and extras were all aware of how magical components of actors and script, camera and lighting were lining up.

When the last to final scene was captured and Andrew rounded the corner into the bar, everyone knew it was a go, a success. When the last dialogue was said and the camera panned away, the room erupted in cheers, laughter and clapping.

Black Moon Production’s goal is to create Swipe Right into a movie with the potential of a series spin-off. Please share in the support of Black Moon’s dream by offering a thumb’s-up, a positive review, feedback to the festivals.

We the team are appreciative.

Corbin Schweitzer