About the Film

The concept for the film came about in response to the immense popularity of online dating, raising a single question: “what would happen if you tried to date several people in the same place, at the same time?” With both the director, Corbin, and co-producer, Blake, having gone through a plethora of online dates, the story was born from the highlights of their shared experiences. From scheduling multiple dates back-to-back, to completely forgetting about an already scheduled date, Swipe Right is based on true events.

Subsequently, each character was written with etymological meaning and purpose. The protagonist Andrew (“manly-man”), strongly believes he embodies this masculine persona. Diana (“the goddess of the hunt”) remains elusive until the very end, while the three central women of the film are based on the elements of the psyche: the superego (Arylin: "an eye for perfection"), the ego (Becca: "to tie between"), and the id (Cassy: "the princess who seduced Apollo").

The decision to shoot in one-take, something not done often in an industry ripe with seamless angles and cuts, arose from the desire to live, in real-time, with our protagonist to heighten the anxiety of his situation.